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Following an enormously successful pilot in 2016, Cyrus will be touring the UK with their very own roadshow and tickets are FREE

Morning sessions are for music enthusiasts who would like to learn more about hi-fi – what makes it so special and why British hi-fi is the best in the World. Acoustics will be explained in a meaningful way and they’ll dive into some of the components and show why it’s worth spending a few extra pounds to get thet system that leaves you exhilerated after every track.

The afternoon sessions are for enthusiasts who wish to delve deeper – Cyrus will take you through the evolution of hi-fi over the years – comparing older systems and explaining the technology improvements which have transformed performance in recent years. They’ll show you sensible upgrade paths and comparing differnet components, sources, speakers, everything to help you make an informed choice about your hi-fi system now and for years to come

Join us on these dates and discover the emotional experience of Hi-Fi at its very best.