The new Monitor range by Monitor Audio (previously the ‘MR’ range) boasts amazing musical performance for terrific value. Check out their details below:

Combining the C-CAM dome tweeter from Monitor Audio’s multi award-winning Bronze series with a creative use of the drivers’ configuration, the speakers are tuned to deliver a truly musical performance.

With a choice of bookshelf or floorstanding speakers, and a powerful centre and subwoofer, the Monitor Series delivers detailed audio resolution in both two-channel and multi-channel configurations.

The speakers feature all the class and style expected from Monitor Audio and are finished in a choice of black, white or walnut. Their lively design and construction ensure that they will brighten any room.

Whether it’s custom install solutions, Hi-Fi or surround sound setups, Monitor Audio have a lot to offer as a company. The new Monitor range is a terrific inclusion that boasts real bang-for-your-buck.