Bose SoundLink Micro

We love Bluetooth headphones at James-Morrow. We also love Bose’ range of Bluetooth headphones, focusing on both sound quality and ruggedness. The new SoundLink Micro pushes this even further. The SoundLink Micro has a silicon exterior coating that protects it from impacts and scratches. It’s waterproof as well, making it ideal for even the most…Read More

Samsung 43″ Frame Out October 2017

We’re huge fans of the Samsung Frame. A piece of technology that blends a high-end 4k TV with a digital art display. The Frame has over 100 in-built pieces of art, photography and more to choose from. It also comes with a motion sensor so that art is only displayed when people are in the…Read More

All New Monitor Audio Silver Range

Monitor Audio remains one of our favourite brands of speaker here at James-Morrow, the most popular series is probably the Silver range. With a great level of detail without paying the world, the Silver series really is tremendous value. The newest iteration of the Silver range has been released, featuring a slimmer, more compact design…Read More

We’re Hiring!

This is a great opportunity to work with the very best brands within a successful independent business. James-Morrow Home Entertainment Systems represent the leading brands in home entertainment systems, including Bose, Sonos, Samsung, Bluesound, Cyrus Audio, Spectral, Yamaha, Dynaudio and many, many more. This is for one FULL TIME post and one PART TIME. It…Read More

Rega Planar 6 Video

The brand new Rega Planar 6 is nearly upon us and it’s looking to be a great bit of kit for any turntable aficionado. The Planar 6 features a specialized foam core previously only seen in the RP8 and RP10, providing a lighter surface that’s sandwiched between two high-pressure laminate slabs that provide supreme rigidity….Read More

The New Samsung Frame

NOW IN The Samsung Frame aims to blend a fantastic digital artwork display and High-end 4K Television all into one. Move away from having a TV be the centre point of the living room by using something that blends as seamlessly as a family portrait. Using Samsung’s no-gap wall mount and their new and improved…Read More

Devialet Visit to our Edinburgh Store

Devialet continue to showcase their amazing speaker range, expanding their reach and providing great training through their many representatives. We were recently graced with the presence of Alex, a Devialet Representative based in London. He was able to show us the latest and greatest updates, technology and what may be down the pipeline for the…Read More

Rega Planar 6

2017 sees the release of several new products by Rega. Some, an update on existing models and some brand new. One of our favourite is the new Planar 6. This is the successor to one of their popular turntables, the RP6. Coming soon, the Planar 6 features the brand new Ania moving coil cartridge. This…Read More